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Q: Some people who subscribe to newspapers are decreasing. What is the solution? Write at least 250 words.

Some decades ago, most people could learn trend news from many newspapers. Most newspapers compose of many articles which from important to local topics. But nowadays, in particular youths, they often get a lot of information within a short time through other media, such as the Internet. In my view, most newspaper companies can increase their readers.

First, modern people can search for the specific information they would like to know by the search engine, such as Google. In other words, such people could touch with many types of media in their childhood. Also, people who are good at designing and creating skills are increasing. Consequently, newspaper companies can make readable outlines by corporate with designers.

Next, most newspapers give people a lot of benefits. First, people can obtain how to write articles in newspapers. For example, in educational curriculums such as English or Japanese, people can distinguish information by issuing local newspapers. In addition, schools can learn about manufacturing newspapers by excursion trips. For instance, writers who can write clear paragraphs can teach students how to write articles well. Some editors can communicate with all creators well, such as illustrators and web designers. As a result, students can learn how they edit various articles.

Finally, readers can see political issues from various perspectives. Most issues consist of complex factors, such as their histories and cultures. For such reason, readers can see important news from different perspectives.

Overall, newspapers companies can increase their subscriptions. They can promote such great points to readers.

(252 words)

新聞離れ(IELTS Task2向け)

設問: 新聞購読の方が減ってきております。解決策は何がありますか? 少なくとも250語で書いてください。

数十年前、ほとんどの人々は流行のニュースを沢山の新聞から得ることができました。ほとんどの新聞は重要なニュースから地域の話題までの沢山の記事によって構成されています。しかし今日(こんにち)では、特に若い方ですが、短い時間でインターネットと言った他の媒体から沢山の情報を得ています。私の見解では、 ほとんどの新聞社は読者を増やせるでしょう。




総合的に見て, 新聞社は購読数を増やす事ができます。彼らはこのような素晴らしい点を読者に伝えられます。