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Q: For most TV programmes, the audience ratings are declining. Why does it happen? What is the solution? Write at least 250 words.

In the middle of the 20th century, a period of high economic growth, TV was one of the greatest pleasures for people. But nowadays, the number of people who do not watch TV is increasing. There are many reasons for this; however, in my view, it is because Japanese TV programmes have some issues. This essay will outline these issues and explain some possible solutions for improving Japanese TV programmes.

To begin with, some people get information exclusively from TV. In other words, some TV programmes mean one way to their audiences. For instance, when some comedians and commentators talk with people on TV programmes, it may seem simply entertaining; however, some information and jokes may include prejudice or contain biased information. As a result, some audiences may believe such information is correct. Next, most Japanese broadcasting corporations centralize in the capital, Tokyo. For this reason, it is a bit hard for people who live in the countryside to promote their local areas. Consequently, they tend to miss a chance to appeal their local areas to the urban areas.

But there are many solutions for TV programmes. The point concerns satellite broadcasting, which has a lot of channels. But it is expensive. Some audiences can watch their favourite channels from satellite broadcasting. In such audiences may enrich their minds. But some people with poverty could not get some beneficial information. For such reasons, TV programmes should provide information literacy to distinguish necessary information from multiple resources such as books, newspapers, and TV. For such reason, audiences can improve literacy how to distinguish their essential information.

To sum up, Japanese TV has some issues that have resulted in fewer viewers. If some broadcasters tackled information literacies for people, audiences could see various perspectives and would be more interested in watching TV programmes, there may be a revival.

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テレビ番組の改善(IELTS Task2向け)

設問: ほとんどのテレビ番組で、視聴率が低下しています。何が起こっており、その解決策は何でしょうか?少なくとも250語以上で記述してください。


そもそも、人々の中にはテレビからしか情報を得られない方もおります。言い換えますと、視聴者にとって情報が一方的である事を意味します。例えば、お笑い芸人のやコメンテーターの方がテレビで話す時、それは単純に楽しそうに見えるかもしれません。しかし、一部の情報やジョークには偏った情報が含まれかねない事もあります。この結果、視聴者の中にはこのような情報を正しいと信じてしまう方もいらっしゃるでしょう。次に、ほとんどの日本の放送局が、首都である東京に集中しております。この理由によって、地方にお住まいの人々にとって地方(の魅力)を伝えるのがやや難しく、 結果として、都市部の方に地方の魅力を伝える機会を逃してしまう傾向があります。