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Q: Most teachers give homework to students. Discuss both views and give your opinion. Write at least 250 words.

Most school teachers give homework to their students in class, such as language, math, society, and science. That is tough doing it for some students but also that exciting for others to study unknown subjects. I believe that homework gives various opportunities for students to think by themselves.

On the one hand, some schools promote banned homework. First, homework eats up free time. Some families would like to cherish spending time with children because children can learn some living skills from families. For example, they can learn to help with cleaning the home. As a result, that methods can be helpful in adulthood. Next, some children can obtain basic skills how to play sports. That’s possible only in childhood. Even if some teachers do not give hints, some children get how to play it. For these reasons, some experts would think homework is nothing means.

On the other hand, there are two advantages for students doing homework. First, they can develop skills for managing time. That depends on the amount of the assignment; students can learn what time they should finish it. Consequently, it would be helpful to do works such as making a report. Next, teachers can track the progress of students. Students should follow the curriculum for getting certificates. Teachers also need to spot the point some students struggle with it. For these reasons, homework is a good assignment for tracking the progress of students.

To sum up, homework allows learning fundamental skills. Overall, I support giving the assignment.

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宿題 (IELTS Task2向け)

設問: ほとんどの先生方は生徒さんに宿題を与えています。双方の視点を議論し、意見を少なくとも250語で書いてください。