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Q: Some firms take in many unique ideas. On the other hand, some corporations spend a lot of time deciding on one project. Discuss both views and give your opinion. Write at least 250 words.

Nowadays, some firms can incorporate a lot of unique ideas. Some corporations spend much time approving projects. I support taking in a lot of unique ideas as much as possible. This essay will explain both benefits of approving much time and adopting unique ideas.

On the one hand, there are various advantages to spending much time approving one project. First, founders can accept support from some big organizations, such as the government. They can carry out the big project through the connection. Consequently, they can obtain their trust. Next, founders can hear a lot of opinions from people with various backgrounds. Some managers can teach how to educate expertized working process. For these reasons, approving one project with a lot of support can get much confidence.

On the other hand, there are several merits for incorporating unique ideas. People can generate unexpected ideas by combining several ideas. For instance, One supermarket offers quiet time for autistic customers. Autistic customers can enjoy shopping slowly. As a result, this supermarket could be successful in taking in new customers. Also, some taxi drivers started delivering food. Even though the number of passengers reduces, they can reinforce their incomes by other methods. Taxi companies could sustain hiring drivers. For these reasons, taking in unique ideas can generate new situations.

In conclusion, both methods can generate good results. First, founders can ponder one project by approving without taking a lot of time. Also, combining unique ideas can generate new opportunities. Overall, I support combining unique ideas in firms.

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面白さと慎重さ(IELTS Task2向け)

設問: (小さな)会社の中には、沢山の面白いアイディアを採り入れているところもあります。一方で、(大きな)企業の中には1つのブロジェクトの決定に沢山の時間を費やすところもあります。両方の視点を議論し、あなたの意見を少なくとも250語で書いてください。