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Q: Most people can find attractive products on the Internet. On the other hand, some people can spot fantastic products in real shopping. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

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Some decades ago, people could spot many fantastic goods in the real shop. But lately, most people can find attractive products on the Internet. I believe that both shops have several advantages. This essay will explain both advantages of online or real shopping.

On the one hand, internet users can search for specific items. For example, users can select items from categories that they would like to buy through the pull-down menu. They can check detailed information immediately, such as book reviews from customers, and specifications of machines. Also, users can accept updated information from online shops. For example, they can purchase new products at a discount price when they joined membership in stores. As a result, users can buy goods in a short time.

On the other hand, real stores prepare various benefits for shoppers. For instance, some shoppers can use the parking lot for free while they are shopping in a big mall. Some drivers can know the vacancies of the lot through some devices such as smartphones. They can avoid traffic jams. Also, children can learn how to buy items. To illustrate, some stationery shops offer stamp cards to primary school children. They can buy items with showing full stamps. As a result, they can know how to receive benefits.

To sum up, people can accept some benefits through both the shopping style. Online shopping gives a lot of information about items. Real shopping offers an opportunity for learning the social system. Overall, people can enjoy shopping in these types of shops.

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オンラインか実店舗か(IELTS Task2向け)

設問: ほとんどの方々は、インターネット上で魅力的な商品を見つける事ができます。一方で、実店舗でも人々は面白い商品を見つけ出す事ができます。双方の視点を論じた上で、あなたの意見を少なくとも250語で述べてください。