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Q: Some people with ASD can know many languages well. On the other hand, some people with ADHD can enjoy communication with various persons. Discuss both views give your opinions.

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Lately, the number of people with ASD or ADHD increasing. They have great potential language skills. Particularly, some companies began to focus on these skills. I believe that companies considerably can make use of their skills. This essay will explain the advantages of those skills.

On the one hand, people with ASD obtain many words from visual information. To illustrate, some autistic children tend to learn many written words from books such as encyclopedias. Therefore, they know much information like a little professor. Furthermore, they can memorize many difficult words before spoken languages. As a result, their speaking skills have developed a couple of years later. Next, they learn spoken languages from self-chatting. For instance, general adults learned basic words from chatting with family or friends in their childhood. Since then, they gradually had been improving their language skills at the social level. In contrast, people with ASD obtain basic spoken languages from talking to items such as dolls. Therefore, they have an acquisition more one step than general people. As a result, some autistic people have begun to recognize honorific words at an early age.

On the other hand, people with ADHD obtain many spoken languages from chatting with friends before written words. Even though they unwittingly said the wrong words, they can modify them immediately. As a result, they can learn many speaking methods in the short term. Next, some people with ADHD prefer to challenge new filed. Particularly, they can be interested in other languages, such as French, Chinese, and Spanish. As a result, some ADHD people can aim for multilingual language experts.

To conclude, people with ASD can master a few languages. Thus, they can aim for language specialists. People with ADHD can learn many expressions from various languages. Therefore, they can aim for multilingual language experts.

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ASDとADHDの言語能力(IELTS task2向け)

設問: あるASD当事者はたくさんの言語を知る事が出来ます。一方で、あるADHD当事者は様々な方との会話を楽しむ事が出来ます。双方の視点を論じ、少なくとも250語で書いてください。


まず、ASD当事者は視覚情報から沢山の言葉を習得します。例えば、ある自閉傾向のある子供たちは、例えば百科事典と言った本からたくさんの書き言葉を学ぶ傾向があります。それゆえに、彼らはたくさんの情報を小さな博士のように知っているのです。 さらに言えば、彼らはたくさんの難しい単語を話し言葉の前に暗記できます。結果、彼らの会話スキルは数年遅れて発達します。次に、彼らは話し言葉を独り言から学びます。例えば、一般の大人たちは子供の頃、基本的な言葉を家族や友達との会話から学んでいます。それ以来、彼らは社会のレベルに合わせて少しずつ言語スキルを高めてきています。対照的に、ASDの人たちは基本的な話し言葉を、例えば人形と言った物への会話から習得しています。それゆえに、彼らは一般の大人より一つ言語習得のステップが多いのです。結果、敬語を早期から認識し始める自閉傾向の方もおります。



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