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: Some language experts recommend learners should keep a balance of  4 skills(Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking). On the other hand, people with special needs can increase only one skill as a potential skill. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Several decades ago, the government suggested improving reading or writing skills. But nowadays, some learners require communication skills too. On the other side, it is tough for people with special needs to keep a balance of all 4 skills well. I agree with improving all 4 skills, it is a good attempt for them. This essay will explain the advantages and disadvantages of reinforcing 4 skills.

On the one hand, 4 skills are essential for working people to cope with society. For example, some office workers should communicate with clients by email, calling, and document. Also, some shop staff should talk with customers. Therefore, 4 skills are important skills for them to deal with others in society. Also, they can obtain good advantages as one of the social skills. To illustrates, most companies should contract with customers or client companies. Therefore, office staff should be able to read a document, salespersons should be able to negotiate with customers. As a result, 4 skills are important skills for working people.

On the other hand, it is a drawback for people with special needs. For example, it is tough for invisible people to grasp all the visual information. In contrast, it is hard for some people with hyperacusis to catch all sounds around themselves. In other words, they can distinguish essential information. However, some management companies have lipped off their talents. Therefore, their life plan has turned over. For this reason, 4 skills are essential skills for surviving in society too.

To sum up, it is a good attempt to improve 4 skills for some people with special needs too. First, they can explain themselves, Next, they can prevent some fraud and crimes.

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4技能(IELTS Task2向け)

設問: 言語の専門家は、4技能(聞く、読む、書く、話す)を維持する事を推奨しています。一方で、特別支援の必要な方は、スキルを一つだけ潜在的能力として伸ばすことも出来ます。あなたはこれでどれだけ賛成/反対しますか?少なくとも250語で書いてください。


一方で、4技能は働く人にとって、社会と上手くやっていくのに必要なスキルと言えます。例えば、事務職で働く方であればメールや電話、書類でのコミュニケーションが必要とされています。また、お店のスタッフであれば、お客様と話さなければいけません。それゆえに、4技能は他人と社会で対処するための重要なスキルと言えるでしょう。 加えて、彼らは社会スキルの一つとして良い利点を習得できます。例えば、ほとんどの企業はお客様や取引先の企業と契約を結ぶべきとされています。それゆえに、事務所のスタッフは書類が読め、営業の方もお客様との交渉が必要になります。この結果、4技能は働く人にとって重要なスキルと言えるのです。