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Q: In European and American countries, some business persons give their business card after confirming a connection with new companies(or friends). In Japan, they have given their business card instead of a greeting. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

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A business card is the most important token for a business or working person. It shows their significant information such as a job, feature, and character. In Europa and America, they tend to give the business card a partner after confirming a good relation with them to each other. In Japan, they tend to send out a business card as a greeting. I personally think it’s a good custom to exchange business cards after checking their characters with each other.

On the European and American sides, they tend to check a partner’s personalities. For example, basic information such as a name, phone number, and email address also contains in the business card. This information appears in their personalities too. Also, the partner isn’t always a good person. Thus, they try to know the partner well before giving a business card.

On the Japanese side, they tend to introduce a group that including them, such as a family, company, and society. For instance, they have introduced one of the members with borrowing a brand or position of the group. As a result, they can advertise the group which they are joining too. Thus, they tend to send out many acquaintances a business card instead of a greeting.

To sum up, I think it’s the best way to exchange the business card after confirming personalities with each other. First, the business card in Europa and America including basic information. Second, it shows the partner’s the most important personalities too. Finally, they cherish it too.

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名刺 (IELTS Task2向け)

設問: 欧米の国々では、新しい仲間や友達のつながりを確認した後に名刺を渡す方がおります。日本では、挨拶代わりに名刺を渡す事もあります。両方を論じた上で、あなたの意見を少なくとも250文字で書いてください。