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Q: Most people can do any schedule by carrying only essential luggage. Why they can do it? Give a reason for your opinions and experiences.

Write at least 250 words.

In modern life, people can do several tasks with only essential belongings. I think that contains three reasons. This essay will explain the advantages of minimum luggage.

First, people can reduce the number of total items. For instance, some people often carry many items, however, they can not always memorize all items. As a result, they sometimes lose or leave one of their belongings. Also, people can leave some goods at school or the office. To illustrate, one baseball team can leave their own mitt and bat in a warehouse. For this reason, they can reduce the total weight of their bag.

Next, some kind of plays has been changing from hardware to software. Some decade ago, children could make toys. But nowadays, most of the games consist of complex systems. As a result, children can concentrate on one game or PC. As a result, they do not need to carry a lot of textbooks and notebooks. 

Finally, people can obtain a lot of information through the Internet. For instance, some travellers had to carry many items when they visit foreign countries Also, some people could not speak English. For these reasons, they had to depend on a local tour guide or guidebook. But nowadays, most travellers can get a lot of information through the Internet at once. To illustrate, Google map indicates a direction clearly. As a result, they do not need to ask for the way to strangers. 

In conclusion, people can do many tasks with minimum belongings. First, they can prevent losing or leaving some essential belongings. Second, they can take in all information on small devices. Finally, people can search for essential information through the Internet. Overall, they can reduce their luggage.

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質素な荷物(IELTS Task2向け)

設問: ほとんどの人々はいくつかの予定を必要最低限の荷物だけですることが出来ます。なぜ彼らは出来るのでしょう? あなたの意見と経験にもとづいて理由を、少なくとも250語で書いてください。




最後に、人々は沢山の情報をインターネットを通して得る事ができます。例えば、ある旅行者たちは外国を訪れる時、沢山の物を持ち歩かないと行けませんでした。また、英語を話せなかった方も一定数おりました。これらの理由により、彼らは現地のツアーガイドやガイドブックに頼る必要がありました。しかし今日(こんにち)では、ほとんどの旅行者は沢山の情報をインターネットを通してすぐに得る事ができます。 例えば、Googleマップは明確に道順を示しています。 結果、彼らは知らない方に道を尋ねなくてもいいのです.