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Q: Some couples with ASD and ADHD could successfully keep their good relationship. What are the causes? What are the solutions? Write at least 220 words.

For most couples, it would be hard to keep their relationship. In particular, pairs with ASD and ADHD need to recognize each aspect with taking a long term. In my view, ASD and ADHD couples can solve their issues by cooperating. This essay will explain two reasons and solutions for sustaining a great relationship.

On the one hand, they can cooperate with their every strength. For example, In shopping, a person with ASD can estimate their financial planning. A person with ASD is good at memorizing the fixed price of items. To illustrate, the ASD person can search for items, such as some furniture. Consequently, such couples can purchase appropriate items within their budget.

On the other hand, the person with ADHD can drastically decide when they need to judge. In other words, the person with ADHD can recover from their mistakes. One of the couples purchased furniture more expensive than their planning. The person with ASD tends to think it was a blunder. Conversely, the person with ADHD can think that is one of the mistakes positively. Also, the person with ADHD can challenge the next chance. As a result, the couple can consider purchasing any items the next time.

To sum up, couple with ASD and ADHD reinforce their weak point. They can keep the best life. Overall, ASD and ADHD couples can sustain their good relationship.

(229 words)


設問: ASDとADHDのカップルの中には、良い関係を上手に保てる方もおります。 理由と解決策は何でしょうか? 少なくとも220語で書いてください。


一方で、彼らは強みで共同作業をすることができます。例えば、買い物において、ASDをお持ちの方の中には、金銭計画ができる方もいらっしゃるでしょう。物の定価を覚えることが得意な方がいると思います。例えば、家具と言ったアイテムを検索することもできます。 結果、このようなカップルは適切なアイテムを予算内で買うこともできます。