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Q: Some people recommend reading a book is the best learning way. To what extent do you agree or disagree? 

In general, most educational curriculums require reading many books. Some traditional books contain a lot of meaningful information. I agree with reading many books. This essay will explain some advantages of reading books.

To begin with, people can improve their memories by reading the book. For example, learners always need to memorize before chapters by the next time in the language class. Some people with developmental disabilities(such as ADHD, ASD) sometimes forget before chapters that they have already. But reading the book can improve their memorizing skills. The Sherlock Holmes series is well known as one of the long mysteries. For readers who like such mysteries, they can keep their motivations by guessing the next chapter. As a result, readers can improve their reading skills.

Next, some persons can enjoy reading a book as one of the pleasures. For instance, some readers organize a book club. In such a club, participators might be meeting outstanding persons. Such as retired from the university of professors. For such reasons, persons can update their knowledge. Also, readers can prevent their forgetfulness. For instance, some persons with dementia can share their opinions and experiences with other participators. Consequently, such disabled persons can enjoy having a great time.

To sum up, there are two advantages to reading a book. Learners can improve their working memories. Disabled persons can have an excellent time. Overall, I agree people should read a lot of books.

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