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In autumn, some people probably get into feeling when they were watching falling leaves. But in this season, people can enjoy a lot of pleasure. In my opinion, I believe that autumn is the best season for people. This essay will explain my favourite points in autumn.

First, people can enjoy a lot of delicious food. For example, they can pick up fresh fruits in the orchards and vineyards. Some local manufactures can generate some tasty drinks such as juice or wine. Also, some orchards and vineyards exist on the mountain hills. People can enjoy nature by driving a car. In particular, people who live in the city can breathe fresh air around the mountain. Such beautiful sceneries give much energy to them. As a result,  people can refresh their minds for working.

Second, people can enjoy sophisticated fashions. In summer, they tend to expose their skins to sunshine and cool air. But the sun contains UV(ultraviolet) radiation. Some people feel itchy for cool air. Also, people can wear religious cloth. For instance, Islamic people have to wear a hijab. Some people have a lot of sweat in humid places. In between autumn and winter, most people can feel comfortable. They can wear individual clothes which they cherish. Consequently, they can enjoy each culture.

Finally, people can enjoy some art. For example, some vegetations have been growing up in summer. That makes colourful leaves in autumn. For such an example, people can enjoy arts and show variant senses by drawing scenery.

To sum up, I believe that autumn is the best season for anyone. People can enjoy delicious foods. They can enjoy clothes and art. Overall, I think autumn is the best.

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私の好きな季節 (自由エッセイ)



2番目に、人々は洗練されたファッションを楽しむことが出来ます。夏であれば、人々は肌を日光や涼しい風に晒してしまう傾向があるでしょう。 しかし太陽には紫外線(UV)が含まれており、人々によっては涼しい風がかゆさのように感じてしまう人もおります。また、宗教的な服を着ることも出来ます。例えばイスラム教の方であればヒジャブをかぶる必要がありますし、湿度のある場所では沢山の汗をかくこともあるでしょう。秋から冬にかけては、ほとんどの方が快適に感じます。彼らは大切にしている個々の洋服を着ることもでき、結果として個々の文化を楽しむことも出来るのです。