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Q: Confirmation is a good action for people with special support. Give your reasons and opinions (The number of words is unlimited).

Lately, working people with taking special support are increasing. That is a good trend for society. Nevertheless, some workers often have mistakes. I believe they can prevent some mistakes by confirming. This essay will explain the three advantages of confirmation.

First of all, confirmation can recognize the current position for working procedure. For example, some people with ASD or ADHD are good at memorizing only a part of all tasks. Despite it, they sometimes tend to forget what they should do now. If managers (or administrators) can explain what people with special support should do in the first step, they can start doing it.

Next, confirmation can be corresponded to modifying work or project. Some people with ASD tend to detest changing working-style. In contrast, some people with ADHD prefer to change that working style. Confirmation can notify how the working style will change promptly. For instance, some workers with ASD can achieve hard projects in long term such as illustration, translation. Also, some workers with ADHD can finish a lot of tasks in a short term. For these reasons, managers need to notify changing dates with staggering.

Finally, they can confirm using the 5 senses. To illustrate, even though people with ADHD left their room-key in the apartment, they probably can notice leaving the key immediately because they did not touch the key. Also, some people with ASD can designate the position of their belongings. As a result, they can omit the time for the confirmation procedure.

In conclusion, confirmation of three benefits. People can recognize the current position. They can modify their schedule. They can check it by the 5 senses.

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確認 (自由エッセイ)

設問: 確認は特別支援の方にとって良い行動とされています。意見と理由を述べてください (字数制限はありません)。