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Q; Some severe autistic persons have unwittingly talked in public transportation. Explain the causes of this issue, and some possible suggestions and solutions. 

In Japan, as possible as passengers should make a comfortable space in public transportation. But some persons with severe autism have unwittingly spoken words. It makes an uncomfortable space for other passengers. This essay will explain the features of this issue.

To begin with, some passengers have felt uncomfortable uttering some words from severe autistic persons. But they do not utter such words on purpose. This reason is Echolalia. This symptom means they speak some words that they are reminded of several days or hours later. Also, there is a big gap between their oral and literary vocabularies. But some autistic people consider words in their brains.

In the solution, supporters of autistic people need to notice what is happening around them. Some autistic people can predict if they know what they should do the next time. Besides, supporters should notify them of information briefly. For instance, YouTube is one of the good educational tools. In other words, autistic persons can understand such situations through images. Consequently, they can realize what they should do next.

In conclusion, some autistic people can predict situations that happen in their panic through images. Overall, autistic people and their supporters can corporate with making comfortable spaces in public transportation.

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自閉症の会話への対処 (自由エッセイ)




解決策としては、自閉症当事者の支援者は周囲で何が起こっているかを知らせるべきでしょう。自閉症当事者の中には、もし次に何をすべきかを知っていれば予測できる方もおります。さらに、支援者は簡潔な情報を彼らに伝えるべきでしょう。 例えばYouTubeは良い教育ツールの1つです。言い換えると、自閉症者の中にはこのような状況を絵を通して理解できる方もおります。結果として 何を次にすべきかを認識できる場合があります。