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In general, travel provides a great experience for travellers, such as moving by transportation, having a local meal, and visiting a sightseeing place. How about persons with ADHD and ASD? Of cause, they have unique or sensitive minds. So if they utilize their minds, their trips would be an excellent journey!

Firstly, some persons with ASD have significant memories. For example, some individuals with ASD are interested in the fixed number or name of a place. For example, a timetable for a railway, flight information for an aeroplane, and traffic information for a coach. It consists of a fixed time or the name of a place. For these reasons, they are good at making an accurate itinerary; it consists of their excellent memories.

On the other hand, some persons with ADHD have flexible thinking. Of cause, they sometimes encounter irregular happening during a trip, such as leaving some belongings in a hotel or toilet. However, they know how to deal with these situations. For example, as soon as they forget any belongings, they can buy alternative products at a 100 yen shop, if they are possible.

Secondly, some persons with ASD prefer a simple meal. They have stress when they meet an unfamiliar food. For example, one young man who likes curry. When he goes on a trip, he can’t eat grilled fish. However, he often takes in the schedule to eat a curry. This reason is easy to imagine the taste and smell.
On the other hand, some persons with ADHD can be familiar with local individuals. For instance, one middle-aged man likes the atmosphere at Izakaya. He often talks with a stranger when he is sitting at the counter table. In other words, he can make friends at once.

Thirdly, some travellers with ASD can be a professional person for the places which they have been because of their memories, and experiences, such as how to direct from the terminal to suburb districts.
On the other hand, travellers with ADHD can ask how to go to their destination. Of cause, although they lose their way on the street, they can inquire a stranger on the way to their destination. Moreover, some ADHD persons can call hotel staff, an office worker, and call-centre staff.

In sum up, the travellers with ASD can map out the schedule, they can get relief their preferences such as their familiar food, and they can be an expert after the second trip. On the other hand, travellers with ADHD can cope with happening, they can enjoy local food, and they have the bravery to ask unknown people.

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ASDとADHD -Part4- 旅行編